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Tune your ukulele, banjo, mandolin, charango, balalaika,violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitars and bass with precision and ease! Within seconds!

Fantastic and simple by Gustavo Garcia, U.S.A.
Super useful, easy to use and accurate! Get it if you have a Charango and play!!

Works Great! by DaveAustinTX, U.S.A.
I\'m a beginner, and this helps a lot. I wouldn\'t be able to tune by ear with the free apps.

THE BEST by Benitosolis, U.S.A.
\"It is the only one app I\'ve found that shows you exactly how accurate your notes are, and you don\'t have to play it by ear.\"

Best app for tuning a violin by Jedediah Smitt, Canada
By far the greatest and most accurate violin tuning app. Play the string read its chart and you know whether you\'re in tune.

Ottimo accordatore per Charango by NaradaGioti, Italia
Questa app permette di accordare perfettamente e con estrema facilità le 10 corde del Charango. Ottima

Лучшее!!! by Злой ДяДькА, Россия
Лучшее и простейшее приложение!! Показывает частоту каждой струны и сравнивает ее с частотой играемой у микрофона)))

シンプルでラク by すな吉, 日本


In tune by Timchickenkeeper, Great Britain
Very handy app!! My violin tutor thinks I have perfect pitch!

Muy buena! by Macarrones, Chile

Afiné mi ukelele en segundos, recomendada 100%!

Don\'t normally write reviews by New to ukulele, U.S.A.
I got my first ukulele and I downloaded a bunch of different apps. None of them worked: I couldn\'t tell if it was tuned or it was too complicated. This app is extremely simple and I really like it.

Wow. by LanderLou666, U.S.A.
This app is wonderful. My instrument was in tune within seconds, I highly recommend this app.

Excelente App by Algutierrez08, Colombia

App recomendada. Muy sencilla y efectiva.


맘에듭니다 by 신화여행, 한국

직관적이고 편리하네요

哎哟 不错哦 by L·D·yonjay, 中國

不错的调音APP 精确到HZ小数点后两位 才18元 比市面的调音器靠谱多了

Just what I needed by Alanpenn, Great Britain
I have just started to learn the charango and have a cheap tourist one off eBay that goes out of tune. This is great and makes retuning easy either by ear with itch pipes or by telling you the frequency of a string so that you can tighten or loosen it. When it is about right it highlights the string and you go onto the next.

Great by HelloKittySaysRawr, U.S.A.

This app is great. Really helpful. Thanks 🙂

Get this App/Tune Ur Uke/Play! by Yohan 5 Million, U.S.A.

Couldn\'t be easier to use. Love it

Reseña by Inkari77, Perú
Buen producto, buena utilidad.

Perfection. Finally! by T.Y.T., Japan
With this app, you can play the note and through the mic it will help you tune! Out of 4 violin apps I tried... This one is best!

Super by Ulukele, Deutschland

Ich bin sehr zufrieden !!!

Simple et efficace merci by FloMas86, Canada

Simple et efficace merci !

Muito by Geliasr, Brasil
Instrumento de difícil afinação, mas o aplicativo é muito intuitivo para deixar vibrar esse timbre maravilhoso!

Awesome by AnnessaT, France

I\'m a first time ukulele player and I didn\'t want to buy a physical tuner, so I went and downloaded a bunch of apps and I was lucky enough to find this one. It\'s straight forward and easy to understand.

GOOD by はちゅ, 日本


The best! by Rula carol, Italia

Eccezionale. Senza non saprei come fare!

Rapide et efficace by Althea-thnts, France

Simple, rapide, efficace et gratuit!!! Que demande le peuple?!

The best one by Ashdfkrnalsoc, U.S.A.
It\'s amazing. It was my first time stringing a ukulele and I was afraid I wouldn\'t be able to tune it the same way again and make it sound how its supposed to. But this is a really good app.

Great! by TayyLorr(:, U.S.A.
I love this app so much! It\'s super great to get your instrument tuned accurately and easy. The other apps just didn\'t work as awesomely like this one. Definitely worth the money.
Each one of our tuning apps for iOS combine speed, precision, design and an intuitive interface.

Forget the struggle while tuning your instruments!
Thanks to a minimalist design and audio processing research over the years, all our tuners load right away, saving your time to devote to practice your favorite instrument. Just play the string and a light comes on when it is in tune.

Ukulele Tuner ProCharango Tuner Pro & Mandolin Tuner Pro also feature a handy tuning fork to hear the exact sound frequency in Hertz(Hz) to tune by ear.

Why choose our tuners?
· Unmatched precision, they display the exact sound frequency in Hz!
· 64 bit optimization
· Instant load and fastest tuning
· Highest responsiveness
· Visual indicators – tuned string lights up
· Optimization for Retina displays
· Intuitive user interface with LED tuning indicator.
· Translation to 11 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean.

Device Requirements:
· iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 5.1.1 or later.

Users around the world have recommended and praised our apps for their fast performance, intuitive interface and sound precision. See it for yourself!

Congratulations for choosing our tuners!

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