Tuning instructions

Tuning instructions for all our tuning apps:

  1. As you play each one of your instrument strings, pay attention to the frequency value displayed on top and carefully adjust them as necessary to match the frequency indicated in the frequency chart provided at the bottom of the app.
  2. When your instrument’s string is in tune, the app will display a green light indicator and the tuned string will light up.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for each one of the strings, and that’s it! Your instrument is in tune and ready to play.

Light indicators will activate under the following conditions:

lp-tuner-led-light-indicator-green  Your instrument’s string is in tune. For fine tuning, just follow the frequency chart.

lp-tuner-led-light-indicator-yellow  Tuner is listening and waiting for sound input.

lp-tuner-led-light-indicator-red  Very noisy conditions / Mic is not available / Mic is disabled.

Pro tip: If you purchased Ukulele Tuner ProCharango Tuner Pro or Mandolin Tuner Pro, a tuning fork is included, you can use it too for tuning your instrument by ear.

Mini F.A.Q.

Q: No matter how hard I try, but I am unable to match the exact frequency displayed in the frequency chart!
A: All our tuning apps are very sensitive to sound and this behavior is normal. Sound processing is very complex, and due several reasons: noisy conditions, ambiental interference, microphone quality, instrument quality, string quality, etc; you won’t get a perfect and exact frequency match in all cases. However, while the green light indicator is on, your instrument is safely in tune.

Q: Why don’t you make a new tuning app for (your instrument here)
A: We are currently working on it, and if not yet, we will be delighted to do it! Please send us your feedback in ‘Contact us’ section.

Q: I have a question or inquiry not listed here. How can I contact you?
A: Please use our contact form.

Common problems and solutions:

P: The app does not detect any sound!
S: Please allow microphone access to our app, under Settings / Privacy / Microphone on your iOS device.

P: Wrong string detection.
S: Please go to a quieter place to tune your instrument.

P: The light indicator stays yellow!
S: You did not allow microphone access, please enable it under Settings / Privacy / Microphone on your iOS device.

P: The light indicator stays red!
S: You are trying to tune in a very noisy area. Or your device has no microphone (i.e. iPod touch 3rd gen). Please connect earphones/earpods with mic in order to detect the sound.

Thanks for choosing our apps!

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